Moderator Performance

Tracking your trades is the heartbeat of success.

Delta Trading Group is an online community platform for traders to trade together. However, in the 10am - Noon ET main session the moderators keep track of their trade analysis. it is a proof of concept that even an amateur 50/50 trader is highly profitable.
Delta Trading Group Profit Calculator

Roadmap to Success

All paths to success need a great plan!

Money management is the key to success. Let your money work for you, not against you. Delta Trading Group has a specific method for learning to develop your own money management strategy for growth.
Delta Trading Group Road Map to Success

Profit Calculator

Understand Risk vs Reward.

This tool is used to understand how setting risk and reward ratios, along with contract increases allows you to grow without increasing your performance or number of trades.

Trade Generator

Check out the real possibilities.

Delta Trading Group has a random number generator to simulate 1000 trades and their performance in building your own proforma and trading plan. Experiment with the law of compounding contracts.
Delta Trading Group Trade Generator